Mobile Deposit Instructions

  1. Open your First Peoples Bank Mobile Banking Application on your Smartphone.

  2. Sign on with your user name and password.

  3. Select “Check Deposit”.

  4. Select “Deposit Check” at the bottom of screen.

  5. Include the following information listed below on the back of the check for endorsement.  This information is required and a check without the following information cannot be accepted for deposit:
    • Your signature
    • Your account number
    • The phrase “For Mobile Deposit Only"

  6. Select Continue

  7. Enter the amount of the deposit.

  8. Select the account number that you are depositing into.

  9. Verify the corresponding email address is correct.

  10. Photograph the front of the check against a solid dark background. If the image is clear, click on the check mark to accept the image.

  11. Repeat the same process for the back of the check.

  12. Once both the front and the back of the check images have
  13. been captured; click “Continue”.

  14. View your deposit and if correct click “Approve”.

  15. You will receive an email notification that your deposit has been received for review and acceptance.

  16. You will receive a second email notification once the review process is complete.

  17. Daily deposit limits apply.